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Endless Burned Toast

I say she burned the hell out of her toast and then added sickening apricot marmalade to the disaster. Close up the employee kitchen.

That’s a joke, you say. You have no power.

Quit and live under a bridge.

You can’t, you say. You quit drinking.

Nothing I dream about can happen, and if I don’t dream, I run into more burned toast.

Go ride your bike, go take a picture, write a poem, and paint on a surface.

I say thank God for giving me my escape hatches, and you are one of them. Sometimes, without you, I forget I’m okay.

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My Baby Pleas

Please, let me be me!
Such a crazy cry!
And I bow my head in shame.

Part of the mission is to be me.
I rarely am.
When I am, I feel terribly guilty.

What rotten roach is inside me?
What poisonous snake makes it so bad
for me to be me, even for a moment?

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