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Trenched Shells

Not long ago, nerves were frayed,
Wires and fuses, flammable, ready for fire.
Fire melted my wires.
Soup I was in giant lake on tall mountain.
But boiling lake.
Trying jump, out, falling back in. Weasel
marking missing fire hydrants. Barking ants,
soup boils away.
Little slinky bees with legs like brooms build
silky nets around me.
Warmer and warmer, more shells. Bees winding shells
all around me. Smiling I was with no hat. Soft oil moving away.
Face muscles masking. But shells are
Thick this morning, raw tonight. Nerves toasted.
I find self empty and nerves left on street.
I killed my central system
long ago.
Now others kill me every day.
How long do I continue dying every day
with nerves gone, shells gone, how long? Emptiness crawling
toward still burning hell.
evaporated to nothing.

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Nature Groans

Warm fuels green fusion
specks, contrails, windows, insects.
Swim in joy, dig deep.
Blades bend, arc in smooth caress.
Soon we will dance with bunnies.


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