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While the Boss Was Away

I worked like a dragon,
fearing not being able
to use a mirror again.
My fire burned my soul.

Integrity is a bloated river, but at work,
it is a tool made of concrete,
sinking in the thickest water,
and it keeps me and holds me
until I drown.


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I Was a Spy

For many cycles, I was a spy.
I spied on myself with great alacrity.
Serious hundreds of moments per day.
Watching myself, wondering who I am.
I watched how nervous I was
over being watched by something,
something I never caught, but I
was watching myself with twitches.
I couldn’t catch myself making myself
twitch and I couldn’t uncover who
it was when it was myself hounding
my self.

Today, I was spying on myself
and I noticed myself watching myself
which meant I was not spying
and I felt free.


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