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Hiding, Not Thinking


Sometimes, swarms approach.
Improvements, machines, mean men.
I work to evade their awareness
of my awareness. Crawl slinky-like.
I want to lie with my stingy trees
with baby buds with sticky fingers,
watching the blues of the skies,
searching for any kind of white to
break my zone, hoping for softness
of grass merely interrupted by
sidewalks and occasional passersby,
but I have to hide from men and
machines, tightened in a slouch,
pretending to be undisturbed,
pretending to be unmovable,
looking as though I am working
on physics homework having
just finished Einstein’s lecture series.


This is my response to Eric’s fabulous photo prompt this week at his Bifocal Univision site. He is trying to make us work really hard with these, but don’t tell him that they’re a bunch of fun!

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The Older Ones

Learned eyes, comforted,
waiting for love, knowing it’s there,
not knowing when it will come,
chugging through the day,
rotating on hips,
bouncing with worn joy,
perceiving salvation follows,
proud, but tarrying for love,
eyes lonely, seeking more,
wondering how much more,
nourished when love visits,
at last sitting, comforting,
not doing those old things,
lying and feeling the heat
of a molting aged body.


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