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Make Me Well

We must start at some point.
You ask,
“Why is it always worse
and worse, not better?”

My cup is gray illusions
torturing my brain
above the eyes.

Wacky blurs
telling me I cannot
begin to get better.

The floor shifts.
You might not notice.
But my legs are working
as if on a skateboard.

“Make me well.”
I whisper, “Make me well.”
“Make me human.”

Hither, get there.
Hither, get there.
Hither, get there.
Get there.
Get there now, now.

You see what my problem is:
I think god
should’ve allowed me to be human.



Although subject matter is completely different, this song, which always seems to make me feel that there might be hope, again, despite the subject matter, is what seemed to spark the beginning of this poem. Check it out and see if you become slightly wistful:

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Wash Me

Water flows fully, undisturbed stream,
clarity and I want it to fix me.
In the next room, meditating, breathing,
praying to some powerful entity,
requesting peace, begging for removal of pain,
feeling I could see the flow,
sensing it is so far away, knowing I can’t get there,
seeming silly, bitter I would not fit in the washer,
wondering why clothes can come clean,
and I stay so massively messy.


I put this one up for One Shot Wednesday. I love all of the things that happen over there. Take a peek at some of the good work. We are lucky to have a community like that.

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