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Hallway Terrors

Looking up,
working to calculate the ceiling tiles,
mouth open in stupefaction,

I hear the maddening stomping
of Mother coming down the hall.
The tempo and the volume demonstrate
clearly: I am in deep shit.
The standard fist
slams the kitchen counter.
I ponder hiding,
fear the sound of her thunderous
pounding coming down the stairs,
beating them as a bass drum,
question whether or not she has
that overweight cast-iron pan.

But she died so very long ago,
and there is no floor above me at work.
Maybe she is here.
Terror haunts me, but I love her still.
When will she let go?

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Fix Me Now, Please

There comes a time
when it melts like overripe squash.

I hope I have forgotten my medicine.
If so, I hope it works immediately.
If not, I surely won’t make it.
Most times the former,
and so far I’ve made it.

Terror comes at those frequent times
when it is known
they don’t make medicine for me.

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