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Whispering in White with Blue Smocks

You are magic.
You are sweet,
even when you’re pissed.
You fire my spirit when I have none.

Men enjoy being more powerful
than storms.
I am fragile, but I want to stop the ocean,
holding my hand high,
firmly as a traffic cop
or a father across the dangerous street.

I want you as an eagle.
Swoop and steal me.
Fly me through oceans.
Come cover me in your snow.
Bury me with your storm.
And sing, sing loud in blue.
Will you wear black?

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Early Dismissal

Back in the old days,
it was always so exciting,
leaving early, battling snow,
stopping by the liquor store,
always open for people like me,

but today, I think I might go home
and read and write and do a tiny nap,

I’ll be thinking of you, slaving away
at work there, staring out the window
at a beautiful building.

I have hope for some of the flakes,
hope that they might charm you.

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Eradicating Fear

Reach into soul,
grab, struggle, tear away
slimy shark skin,
pulverized disc of gray harm,

throw on egg-shaped platter
Mother left for stabbing,
cutting, and
for holding the wicked
substances that survive slaughter.

She designed the shivering blob
from years not good enough,
from carcasses of worth,
her platter with ego canals
accommodated with straitjacket.

Platter purposed in red, hurry,
fill the shell, home of fear,
with warm purple fruits of love.
Praying for enough fruit, seeking
fruit, eradicating fear and her slime.


Wednesdays arrive so fast for the folks at One Shot Wednesday, but I would like to join again even though I am late already on a Tuesday. 🙂

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