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Another Day at Work as the Gray Box Clown

Death found an author writing his life.. Desig...

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The tent is high and so am I.
Bounce with monkeys red and green.
Stupid side show, and here I am.
Gray box, gray box, death box.

Elephant shifts to her left and right,
I am the dead clown, riding on top.
Blue Tissy-Tinky, my name is Tassy.
Gray box, blue freak, death box.

Horn on my truck, horn on my nose.
Today, no sun, I ain’t worth shit.
Cut my ears off and honk my nose.
Gray box, shit face, death box.

Call me the gnarly, gray box clown.
Honk real big, tiger shits me out.
Gray box, fly away, death box.
Gray box, bang-bang, death box.


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