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From Hate to Empty

Empty with worthlessness,

Black screens and space,

Orange furnace too far away to help,

False promises prevent wholeness,

Fences crawl coldly upon my skin.

Relief from people who understand

Is false, manipulating flourishes from selfish

Fulfillment and intentional ruin of

Worthless beings who should

Block connections to prevent

pain from smashed tow trucks

Filled with vases of hate and

Broken trust, flowing with lies.

They say,

Look at your life!

You fucked it up yourself!

I Run from these actors and hide,

Accept the worthlessness.

Know that all wish to harm.

Hope to find love in the hidden corners.

Wait for the flowering orange to

Travel quickly across carcasses,

Swim in my hollow chambers.

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Crashing Fear of Ice

The motors of love pull,

Battle the cranky nurses

With thermometers and jello.

Motors hum with the deep

Seal of windows protecting

Clothing of one who loves.

Ice will penetrate but

Motors seep with rising rivers,

Bubbles which melt the circle.

Crystals cannot pierce the barrier,

And they continue to worship

Lovers who melt in thermometers.


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Friends Slide Away

Friends will love you and care for you until they determine your sickness might alter or interfere with your benefit to them.

At that time, they are empowered with confidences to slash, rip, and tear, and some of them do that.

It is a rare friend who is willing to stick with you.

The ones who stick with you are the ones who truly love and truly care.  We are fortunate if we find one.

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