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Wish You Well

How do you feel

A tiny, frightened child?

You slave in mush.

You play an adult.

You spin unraveled.

You fear

But do not hear the storms.

Will you let your tiny soul die?


You have no courage,

We love to slice you.

You hide, you shrink

You know you’re a rag

Will you jump and hop

The speeding, hollow train

Gripping the way to your hell?

You do not belong;

We wish you well.

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Creating the Dog Doo

I finished posts of a poem and a short story last night, and I had a sudden and distinct feeling that I am wasting precious time in my life.  When I am in the middle of the creative process, I love it.  I’m sure others relate to this.  I get this exhilaration that seems greater than any other high imaginable.  My mind churns, but it is not the normal psychotic, spin-the-wheels, 19-trains-are-arriving-at-the-same-time-from-different-directions type of churning.  It is focused.  It is always new.  I love it.  There is this part in me that says, YES, THIS IS IT!  I never know when this will happen so I carry around a little journal for notes and hope no one reads any of it because it has some wacky stuff.

The bad part happens when I put it out on the blog.  Suddenly, my view of the content almost reverses.  I feel as though it sucks too bad for me to be able to handle it.  I think this is a problem with self-esteem, but it also seems Read the rest of this entry »

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