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The Tunnel of Man’s Lines

The tunnel of lines

Has no choice but to smash

In on me.

Lines, most perfectly straight,

Some silver or gray,

Some black, some a false brown,

These are man’s lines.


My inescapable conclusion

Is I do not fit.

I do not belong.

My face is compressed

By these wires.


The men who live off of these,

The men who make these,

They all hate me.

They stare and point to

How I don’t belong.


Some of the men and women

Tell me lies.

They tell me I’m okay.

They lie and they show me

The truth when it hurts the most.


I cannot match brain cells

With all of man’s lines.

There is nothing in me

That allows any man or woman

to grant me membership

On this planet.

The lines crash my nothingness.


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Wad Me Up

I am an easy target.

Emotions are always wrong.

Take them from my body,

And call my feelings wrong.

Question me.

Tell me I’m not real.

Because my emotions

Are wrong.


I am not simple

So I am wrong.

Twist me and dump me

Back in my hole.

Wad me up.

Forget all the wrong

I am

As you watch

Me disintegrate,


In the dead pool

Of your disgust.

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Chaos of Spies

They spy and

Then they trust.

They spy again and

They make me the

Worst Person in the World.


My fate is to

Leave this chaos of spies.

I cannot be in plain sight.

I cannot hide.

I must leave forever.


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Shostakovich 4

Eyes move in jerky, rapid jolts,

As a cat jumping through the wall,

The incessant pounding inspiring,


Head shakes madly,

Neck hurts,

Hands triumphant,

(Co-workers worried,

What did I have for lunch?

What type of psychosis

Is hooked into my ears?)

Waving loudly and

Conducting brilliantly, Read the rest of this entry »

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