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Drain Brain

Morning pages empty my mind.

My fresh purpose is to love all there is.

The sun is bursting out and in and out.

I exhale all of the good there ever was

For the world to share, for the world to eat,

And I inhale all of the sick and the evil and

Crush it with my sparkling, sticky, determined  ribs.

I’m big and wide open, a gentle lion without a cage.

My fur is a bed for all of the unloved and the wounded.

My paw creates safety and my tongue heals in strokes.

Roaring, I want everyone to be

As happy as I want to be.

My soul is excited, thrilled and stupid.

My soul does not care what you think.

I claw at the stream of dung of phony ideas

To keep my mind empty

Of all of the sick, rakish forks of thought,

Which are foraging, ravaging deeply, trying

To make me an impossible human being.



It is nearly Wednesday again, which means it is another One Shot Wednesday.  I will submit this piece.  Go check out the fine work in the submitted links.  Cheers!


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Grinding Gratitude

Continuously, reluctantly telling myself

I’m grateful I have a job and

Needing to dress up for the day,

I beget small trinkets of salary.


This accomplishment does not placate my soul,

The soul that seems to be rotting to the death.


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