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Bring Your Brilliance

Perfection slinking away,

Draped in liquid enthusiasm.

I want her to come back to me.

But she is too fantastic.

Her slink is hot.


I want to jump up and down

On the floor with her,

To and fro, in and out.

She would do me

On the floor



She would take me into

The darkest places.

She would show me fire,

Blow me to heavenly


Her slink is hot.


She would take me,

Make me follow.

I would be a puppy,

Cocking my head each way,

Straining to track her mind,

Listening  to every




I submitted this for One Shot Poetry Wednesday (Week 26).  One Shot is terrific with lots of great people participating – Head over there!

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The Priority of Strutting Freedom

When I try to log the day,

The black cat always presents herself.

She is barely known and has little impact,

But she is first.

The dogs announce her presence.

They are always angry,

Envious, jealous, resentful.

Sometimes, she struts to the door

as if she were about to ring the bell.

She wonders independently aimless,

She gets food dedications, free  from

Warm-hearted neighbors.


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Soft Pillows of Loving Safety

Graceful entrance,

Gentle stirrings,

It is dark and we are under covers.

My legs and hands feel

A beautiful pearl-white softness,

Smooth and ready to glide on air.

Strings mixed beyond recognition,

A power and strength in those legs.

Small, tense, smooth warmth

From her ass. Her feet and legs

Comfort and grab me.

How they grab, I do not know,

But there is safety.


Shuddering waves streak

From her body to mine.

My finger tips and the padding

Of my thumbs glide and explore

Her breasts.  We kiss and press and

Kiss and press.

We tell each other it is right

If this never stops.

At some point, it stops so that we can

Rest in a soft pillow of loving safety.

She scoots the back of her body into

The front of mine, and we sleep

Mashed and tangled gently, smoothly.


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Longing for Hurt

Why do I fondly miss

The one who threw me away?

Why do I long for the one

Who loved receiving my trust

And then betrayed every confidence?

I do not feel insane.

I am troubled and alone,

But I am not insane.

I long for life and engagement.

But I am glad she is gone.

Safe is coming back, my heart steady.

I miss her from a safe distance,

In my sanity cage.

I’m haunted by her radical energy

And she is good enough to know it.


I entered this one for the Thursday Poets Rally Week 36.

Thank you to Jingle for the flattering award!

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You Have No Right

Today I believe

In a vengeful


And the Devil

Has superb



God shouts at me:

You are so broken

And insane.

You have no right

To judge  the


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