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Where Are the Safe Places? – III

Parts I and II are here and here.


Where Are the Safe Places? – III


The safe place is acceptance.

All people, places and things are doing

Exactly as they should, nothing else.

And if they stab me, acceptance is safety.

And if they attack with words, acceptance.

And if they hate people, acceptance is safety.


Acceptance allows love to happen.

My lover is not perfect, but she welcomes me.

Time after time, whether she is wrong or I am,

We can come back to love and accept the safety.

We can hold each other tightly and accept.

We can sing with love and accept the safety.


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The Stillness of Musical Victories

The One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge inspired me.  Here is my contribution:




That music which is from the soul,

It is that which wins, it triumphs.

Musicians are ready to bring it to life,

And there are always shiny musicians.

They stand in attentive stillness and blow

Against the temporary forms of life.

And when the trumpets sound and swarm,

Nothing is left of the worthlessness.

The worldly, false structures melt away.

There is forever in music and moving time,

The source being love and our creator,

And my soul is comforted  and wrapped.

I float in love.


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