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Running to Trust and Honesty

This is another piece in the Who I Want to Be Effort

A friend always asks me what I am running from, or if I am not running from something, what am I running to.  I would much rather be running to something, but I am often running from pain.  When I am running to, I am determined about my path and when running from, I am somewhat lost.  There is something in me now that makes me want to run to trust and honesty without being entirely vulnerable to others because I am always running from pain.

In my profession, I am trained not to trust anyone, and I am pretty good at that.  There is a sharp dichotomy because in my personal life, I tend to trust that everyone is good and everyone is honest.  Everyone knows that this makes one vulnerable to sharp attacks and intense pain, but I keep forgetting.  I want to become Read the rest of this entry »

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