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Happiness from the Darkness

I thought it would be interesting to participate in this week’s Monday Prompt from Big Tent Poetry.  This week is a Wordle, seen below, and I took the liberty of working to get all of the words into my poem.  I’ve noted how many of my poems have those dark endings, so despite seeing despair in all of the words of the Wordle, I took it as a challenge to end on a happy note.  Here is the Come One, Come All with other entries.


Happiness from the Darkness


I immerse myself in the heaviness,

The oppressive, heavy, wet blanket.

I wish to squeeze all of it gone,

To send it back to the basement.

But it won’t go away and medicines

Are disloyal and topple in the darkness.

I feel hoarse as I beg for the blanket to

Vanish, to go away, taking my ropes.

The engine of God’s spiritual gifts

Is far more swift than the medicine.

The blanket shall vanish in the face of God,

The performance of spirit shall reign.

I need only a slight amount of time, stillness,

Listening, waiting for passage, waiting for God.

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The Dilution of Christmas Terror

It is difficult to be one of those horrible human beings who struggles with the Christmas season, especially when my sentiment allows me to accidentally say I hate Christmas.  I was speaking with Dad the other day, and he told me that I am not alone.  Oh, really?  I’ve never met another one, or maybe I’ve never met one who is willing to admit it.  Dad assured me that they are out there that they just might not be as honest as I am or they might not even realize how terrified they are.  I loudly admit my sickening fear and resulting hatred with some and thus I am ostracized.  It’s understandable that folks would view me as not very tolerable as they are going around experiencing all of the joy.   There is no reason to allow someone to diminish  your season merely by being in your company.

This morning I was realizing something that I learn again each year, year after year:  When Christmas finally gets here, I love Christmas.  This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is to me.  I am allowed Read the rest of this entry »

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