Where Are the Safe Places – II

The coffee tangles with the mouth and snarls,

But we say it is our safe place.

I know most people when I come in,

And that eases my breathing.

Acceptance is strong on the surface,

But don’t dig too deep.

When I am at our Club, I hear it the most,

This must be a safe place.

We have crazy, crazy members who think sickly,

But we work our best for a safe place.

Sometimes I let the meme get me and move me,

And I bleed out emotions, only to hate myself later.

Humans judge you harshly at our Club, like others,

Though they are told not to, to clean their own house.

Their eyes rip you and steal your heart, smack you,

And those are the nice ones.

If you cry, they will rummage around in your skull,

And they tell you to pray harder.

Our Club is where you should go

If you want to see young people die.

There is nothing safe about our Club,

But shelved next to the madness in the streets,

Our Club is a safe place.

Really, no place is safe.

I hide in bed with fear.


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