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Ms. Two Fingers For Me

Driving peacefully in commute,

I was on the right,

She was on the left.


Her hands on the wheel,

Stuck frantically at  10 and 2,

White knuckles squeezing

Life from plastic.  She is scared,

But I would not harm her.

She goes to a turn lane,

Still stiffly frozen in fear.


A new lady to my left,

She has the cell in one hand,

Having two fingers on the wheel.

The other hand has coffee,

Precariously over her lap.

She looks to a spot on the dash,

Forgetting she is in a machine.


I should praise Ms. 10 and 2,

But I would rather love Ms. Two Fingers.

And I look back down the road.

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Indestructible Despair of the Season

Bach tries valiantly but cannot melt away

The despair of the season.

I need the beautiful structures to

Eradicate the guilt from failure.

I need the perfect harmony

To give me peace and love and joy.

But Bach fails horribly and I cry.


“I’m no good,” comes up from hidden basements.

Mother judged and hated my

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