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Battered by Books

They are three deep  on shelves,

Wilted and torn  but all too special.

Kindle was to save the day,

But I keep buying and buying.

Read in Kindle, that’s fine,

but often I need the paper.

I  write, underline and star in my books.


Books on seeking God,

Hundreds and hundreds,

Yet I keep seeking.

None have  the final answer, but

They all have beautiful answers.

Conversations with God, I love, I wish.


Every Man Dies Alone,

In English, and saying who I am.

Recovery, recovery, millions of

Ideas on recovery. I’m not recovered.

The Joy of Living, but not much joy.

No Joy of Cooking.


I love my books on Churchill,

But I’ll never be great like he was.

My favorite book in the world:

The Way the World Works,

Not my favorite, but I love the title.

I wish I understood how the world works.

I want to write a book with an

Arrogant title, to show how

Smart I wish to be.


The Secret of Prosperity, my ass.

Black Dogs and Bad Dog, that is I.

I’m asked to give them away to

Make room  for nothingness.

But I need more room so I take boxes

and boxes to the library.

Here is my contribution.

Someone might read these.


I save all of my books because

I might want to find an excerpt or

Might want to read them again.

I never read  them again because

There is not enough time in the world

To read all the books I need to read.

However, my re-do of Anna Karenina is

Smoking in the Kindle with torn leather cover.

The dog chewed up the cover.


This is my entry for Poetry Potluck – Hobbies & Passions, Pastimes & Entertainment at Jingle Poetry.

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Lost in the Emptiness

There are some I long to hold.

I wonder if they need to be held.

I need to be held and I need love.

I wonder if anyone longs to hold me.

I wonder if anyone could love me.

Today, I do not know tomorrow.

Today, I will love within all my power,

And if one I long for feels that, I hope

We will not be all alone and will be comforted.

If one loves me, I shall be fortunate.

I need to find that deep soul.

That deep soul is the only passion.


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