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Evading the Trash

The wind presses fiercely on the metal.

A tan sea surrounds the smooth pavement.

The road is welcoming and yielding but is frozen.

It’s not a truck but we want room for others.

We imagine a boat, and we all need in the boat.

Small to large, thousands of pieces of white trash.

There is other trash, but the white trash shines.

A toss and a cigarette butt hits the windshield.

This is our world, this trash holding firm.

We stay in our boat and we want love.

She wants hate and tries to push us out.

Finally she surrenders and jumps for pavement.

Her nose grinds against the rocks and

She screams with joy.

We stay in the boat.

We spread hope to those who desire love.

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Not Alone!

I was grateful to receive an award from Jingle at the Thursday Poets Rally


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