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Thrown to Rags

Windows gone,

Boards broken,

Wind howled through,

My hiding spot.


Stars fading away,

Mountains shrinking,

Purple, black clouds,

Beauty flies away.


She, deeply removed,

Baseboards stale,

I, in the attic,

Thrown to rags.


Dust of love,

Stuffed, rotted leaves,

Heart in decay,

Life gone dead.

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Enhanced Depression at the Office

When the blanket is heavy,

And I feel of little value,

And I add little value,

Forced to wear a tie

For some good reason,

But it makes no sense when

I never see customers,

And I never see anyone

Who seems to care about seeing me

(I miss that from my prior work –

People needed me every day,

So I thought, and I have no clue why

It is critical to my happiness

To feel as though I am needed –

I want people to think of me

When they want something done

And know that it will be done well);


Yet it is absolutely required

That I dress as a robotic clown;

And I try to survive hundreds of aggressive,

Mean and unconscious drivers

Through a thankfully-short commute,

Striving my best to be patient, tolerant, and kind,

And realizing that this behavior

Has me acting like a beaten dog;


And I spend the entire day Read the rest of this entry »

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